Looking for a Rewarding Career?

Are you looking for a rewarding career? Do you enjoy helping families and serving your community? Do you enjoy getting paid what you are worth?

If you have answered yes to these questions then you may be just what we are looking for. The Life Insurance industry is wide open and looking for qualified life insurance agents.

Already a Life Agent?

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should join the our sales team:

  • Same day advances.
  • Proven lead system.
  • Liberal Underwriting.
  • Simplified applications.
  • Exotic incentive trips.
  • Competitive group benefits: life, health, and dental for you and your family.
  • Extraordinary home office support.
  • 24-hour underwriting.
  • Live help line.
  • Fast claim service.

For more information contact: 704 996 4390 or email: kylefreeman06@gmail.com


Have You Ever Wonder What If…?

I was thinking…

In our daily routines of day to day activities have you ever wonder, What If…?

What if, something happen to me today and I could not continue to support my family?

What if, I went to the doctors and I found out I was diagnosed with a noncureable disease?

What if, you decided to take better care of yourself and started to exercise everyday?

What if, the winning number to a lottery ticket paid out that day and you spent your last five dollars on a ticket and won?

These are some of the things I say to myself and ask “What If…”?

But, there is one thing I don’t ask “What If…” I ask myself “When”?

When, will it be my time to go?

When, I go what will they say about me?

When, I go is everything taken care of?

With Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company these questions can be answered for you and your family.

If you feel you have a need to get a few of those “What If…” out of the way. Give me a call to discuss.

I can be reached at: 704 996 4390 or e-mail: kylefreeman06@gmail.com. I look forward to speaking with you.


Kyle Freeman a Representative in NC for Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company

Hello, welcome to my blog! My name is Kyle Freeman and I am a NC Representative for Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company specializing in final expense planning featuring Funeral Advantage.

I will be blogging about the products and services offered by Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company and your comments and inquiries are welcome!